diaper machine cost machinery:Machinery Breakdown Insurance

diaper machine cost machinery:Machinery Breakdown Insurance

  The machinery described in the policy may or may not be in operation, have been disassembled for inspection, cleaning, repair, transfer to another place or in use within the conditions set out in the policy.

  Machinery Breakdown and Failure insurance includes coverage against internal machinery damage such as: electrical damage, centrifugal forces, lack of water, foreign bodies, failures in safety devices, overheating, impact, shock, pressure or lubrication defects.
Damage suffered by the machinery due to errors in design, calculation, manufacture or assembly.
External damages produced by:

Fire, explosion or lightning strike.
Blows, collisions, scratches or falls.
Sinking or sliding of the earth.
Smoke or gases
Atmospheric phenomena such as wind, snow, hail, rain and floods.

Theft and robbery.
Damage resulting from the mismanagement or negligence of an employee due to lack of experience or expertise in the machinery.
Expenses for urgent repair.


  The insured capital will depend on the declared value established by the insured. This value must be equal to the replacement cost of the insured machinery with a new one of the same class and capacity, and must include all the taxes that are required to put the new machine in the place of insurance and ready to enter into commercial operation.








  What does the machinery breakdown insurance offer?


  The Machinery Breakdown Insurance covers the expenses incurred by the insured to leave the property in operating conditions similar to those he had at the time immediately prior to the accident.

diaper machine cost machinery:Machinery Breakdown Insurance